cold blue teeth whitening machine 681

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  • Brand:   sunup
  • Type:   681
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Specification : 

Light Source Blue light 4-5W
Wavelength 430nm-490nm 
Power AC100-240 V

50/60Hz  1.2A 

Weight 8.5KG/set

Products Features: 

- conforms to the human nature and special optical design of whitening teeth bending

- durable and flexible extension gooseneck, convenient and different curing

- Function selection operation

- LED digital with audio instructions, let physicians use more convenient

- Fan quiet and efficient, to achieve the best cooling effect

- fine, lightweight design, with clinic space appearance

- full mouth whitening the light low and the average

Adaptation scope:

- Effects of exogenous pigment contamination (smoke stains, Coffee, cola, etc.)

- Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline stained teeth etc.)

- Fluoro Spain

- congenital color uneven

- For many of unknown cause of tooth surface black yellow

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